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The Need

Nations Reach has a passion to come alongside pastors of local churches helping them fulfill their God-given vision and destiny. This is accomplished through seminars where we interface, impart, encourage and pray for every pastor along with their associate ministry leaders.


The Answer


Seminars are mostly held for pastors and leaders of village or small town churches in their local regions. This allows many pastors in the poorest regions of the world to receive training, encouragement and resources to fulfill their mission.  It has been humbling to meet needy pastors who have walked on foot for several days to attend these events. On occasion, Seminars will be held in larger cities to accommodate more people.


Bible Study Resources are placed in the hands of each senior pastor in the form of lessons, books and Bibles that can be either translated or purchased in their native language.


We look for opportunities to bless pastors who are planting new churches and in need of resources to accomplish their vision.


In summary, Pastors Seminars:

  • are where pastors grow in their personal relationship with the Lord.

  • are where pastors receive tools to become more effective in ministry.

  • are where pastor become refreshed and stirred in their faith.


You Can Help


  • By giving towards pastor’s Seminar sponsorships.

  • Donate towards development and producing teaching materials in their native language.

  • Giving towards special needs associated with pastor’s children.


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