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About Nations Reach


Our mission is to train pastors, church planters and Bible students, supplying them with needed resources to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and tranfrom their communities.



Our vision is to see pastors and leaders in less visited regions of the world equipped and empowered to reach the lost and disciple nations.


We TRAIN through Seminars and Conferences, teaching principles and truths which impart faith and vision, enabling indigenous church leaders to equip others for ministry.


We ENCOURAGE those wounded and discouraged in ministry, praying and stirring up the gift of God in them to finish their God-given call.



  1. By placing Study Resources and Teaching Tools into the hands of pastors and leaders in their own language, who otherwise have little or none.

  2. By providing full or partial Seminar Scholarships to those in economically depressed regions.

  3. By giving to Special Projects where local ministries and Bible Schools are in need of facilities and ministry tools.

  4. By providing scholarships to Bible students in training as church planters.

  5. By helping young children of pastors who have lost either one or both parents.

  6. By providing partial support for church planters in their first year of ministry.


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